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Michael D.
12 years of experience in business
3 federal projects, 1 project in the UK
Winner of business standup, the owner of the soccer team
A book author, author of scientific articles
Member of business associations,
Participant in TV and radio shows
Participant in business conferences
We love our project and have a great purpose.
We're growing every day and we're calling you to join us.
Reliable and profitable with us.
Reportage shooting
Your smiling guests are the best way to tell new customers about your company! Our highly professional photographers will take beautiful pictures. Your guests can post these photos on social media to spread the word about your company the very next morning. You will get a full report of photos from the event, which you can use in your social networks and be more attractive. Your guests will thank you and remember you next time.
Placing on the site
Comfortable site to get pictures and learn more about you!

We will post a poster of your events on the main page of the site. On each page of the photo report we will tell you about you, your promotions and everything that will increase customer loyalty and what will attract new customers.

Increase visibility through visitors from other events.
Get involved in the IMAGE community!
Instant photo printing
How to memorize your client for a long time? How do you make sure that the client remembers you regularly? And that the next time he would come back to you? We know!

The client should go home with a beautiful photo from your restaurant/event.

We know how to instantly print photos and photo magnets for the fridge and beyond. We know how to instantly brand and frame.
What is comfortable for you?
Pay for the guest service
You order and pay for a package for your guests, such as 150 photos per event or 3 hours of work.
Guests will pay at will, you will earn
We photograph guests, print, frame, and offer guests to buy for $20. Some of that money goes to the restaurant for profit.
Content for your bussiness
Introduce your customers to your business through quality photos. We will beautifully photograph your business processes, staff, services, menus and more. Use it on social media

Working with us, you get a package of services
Our focus is on creating quality services that benefit absolutely everyone! You and your customer. If you are happy - we grow.
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